Steady State?

Is further growth of the arts and cultural sector sustainable? Do we have too many buildings? Too many organisations? Will the next decade need a radically different approach in the light of the UK’s financial deficit, the global recession and the threat to our environment?

These were the questions that framed our first Peer to Peer event, Steady State? which we held in partnership with ERA21 in London, Edinburgh & Newcastle in November 2009. Each conversation heard the views of a cross section of practitioners from each locality and the best video and audio from the series is presented here. We hope you find the ideas and reflections of your peers stimulating and thought provoking and that you will scroll down to bottom of the page to join in the conversation and have your say.


Our main video footage for Steady State? comes from the London event where the panellists were:

It was Chaired by Charlotte Jones (Independent Theatre Council)

Featured Panelist

Other video from this events



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