Our ethos

Our ethos
Art and culture are one of the most participative, dynamic and social forms of human behaviour.
With their capacity to trigger reflection, generate empathy, create dialogue and foster new understanding they can offer a powerful and democratic way of expressing, sharing and shaping values. By helping to create an environment, and state of mind, directly conducive to the creation and development of new ideas, they challenge the status quo and provide spaces where anything is possible. They can help us build new capabilities and understand how to imagine a different way of being. They can enable us to design useful and meaningful things and are increasingly the basis of livelihoods and enterprises that are motivated by much more than profit.

MMM’s belief was that harnessing arts and culture’s expressive energy and growing the cultural and creative vitality of our communities were key to addressing the big, serious and growing problems of unsustainable economic growth, resource scarcity and climate change. Their community of practice shared a passion for realising art and culture’s role in helping to find new economic and social paradigms that recognise the limits of our finite planet and enable all life to flourish. Building the resilience of creative practitioners and arts and cultural organisations was, in their view, essential in achieveing that goal and it lay at the heart of MMM’s work.

Highly collaborative and open in our approach they believed that peer to peer support and mutual problem solving is key to addressing common challenges and building resilience.

Independent and sector led, MMM was a creative adhocracy. This means that we thrive by being fluid, flexible and adaptive.

Legally constituted as a company limited by guarantee without share capital, their organising systems were designed to be dynamic and organic in order to maintain maximum creativity and inventiveness.

They worked in cycles, drawing together people, ideas and money from a wide network of sources.

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