New Flow: A Better Future for Artists, Citizens and the State by Tim Joss (2008)

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A better future for artists, citizens and the state

Written by Tim Joss

Tim is the Director of one of the UK’s leading private Foundations supporting arts and culture. His key message in this new book is that artists’ contribution to our society and economy is not being properly or fully realised. His argument runs from the daily life of the solo artist to a radical recasting of state support.

Here are some comments from early readers:

"Totally thought provoking" - Sir Brian McMaster

"as a diagnosis of the ills dragging the arts sector down, it is, in my view, unparalleled." - Liz Hill, Consultant Editor, Arts Professional and Director, Arts Intelligence Limited

"It is wonderfully lucid and fresh in its analysis and description of how the world of the arts in the UK is changing, and beguilingly invitational in its suggestions about the future. An energising read." - Kate Tyndall, Arts Producer and author of 'The Producers – Alchemists of the Impossible’

"highly stimulating, beautifully written and very accessible" Stewart Wallis, Executive Director, New Economics Foundation

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