Top 5 Sex Dolls

Sex dolls can be a lot of fun, especially when they have lots of extra features. From body heat to simulated sex they make it feel real.

They also come in different sizes and materials, such as TPE and silicone. Silicone has a more natural feel and is more durable but can get stains.

1. Wmdoll

Wmdoll was originally a manufacturer of plastic mannequins used for wearing clothes in stores, but they progressively gravitated towards manufacturing sex dolls. They have a reputation for being one of the best doll manufacturers on the market because they produce high-quality, realistic female dolls and use the highest-grade TPE/silicone materials.

Their curvaceous women have noticeable features that will ignite your carnal desires. One of their more popular models, Anne, is short in height but has a perky chest and thick thighs that make her look ready to devour your juices. She also has a movable mouth that opens like a real woman’s to give you more oral sex options.

The WM dolls have adjustable skeletons so they can be positioned in all kinds of wild, taboo positions that are hard to find on other sex dolls. You can customize your sex doll with all kinds of upgrades, including tongues and body heaters. You can even choose the color of your nipples and labia for a more personalized experience.

2. Rosemary Doll

Rosemary is a soft body rag doll with amazing embroidered features and printed clothing. Her super soft hair and chic dresses are sure to delight any girl.

Rosemary loves to bake, have tea parties and dance with her friends. Her favorite accessory is a three strand pearl necklace she wears around her neck. She also comes with her very own sleeping bag backpack!

She is a very mysterious figure in history. Not much is known of her, though she possessed great magic and skill in doll-making. It was said that she had only one apprentice, who cared little for her, and whom she would instruct to build the perfect doll. Upon the completion of Kylanthia, she dismissed her apprentice and further vanished from the world.

She is a beautiful doll, with a sweet face and lovely pink hair tied in bunches. She comes with a soft cotton dress and matching shoes. She is perfect for snuggles and a great companion.

3. Your Doll

Taking the sex doll market by storm, Your Doll offers an extensive range of customizable options for users. From the head and body to accessories such as lubricant and internal heating, the choice of model is entirely down to you.

The models come in either TPE or silicone, with TPE being thought to be a more approachable material for users. Its porous nature, however, means it can harbour bacteria and odours, while also losing shape over time.

Designed to fulfil sexual and emotional gratification, Your Doll’s full-bodied models have everything from penetrable genitals to moaning features. Their torsos are lightweight and portable, with the option of adding a standing feature to further enhance the user experience. They can even be used with a variety of sex toys, making them ideal for couples and those with limited space. Moreover, some brands offer a payment plan for users who are unable to afford the initial purchase. This is especially helpful in light of the pandemic’s heightened sense of social isolation for some people.

4. Piper/Doll 4 Ever/Doll House 168

Piper/Doll 4 Ever/Doll House 168 are a new Taiwanese brand started in 2015. Their big silicone dolls offer a realistic sex experience. Their skin is very soft and resistant to creases and cracks.

They use an advanced EVO skeleton that is designed and manufactured in-house. This gives their love dolls lifelike posing and more realistic feelings of intimacy with the partner.

Their dolls are also equipped with a gel filled hollow design in their breasts for a more realistic touch and feel. They also come with a memory foam package and a dedicated white blanket for safe storage and collection.

Whether you are an anime fan or just looking for a new way to explore your fantasies, this cute little Japanese love doll is sure to please! Customize Nao 128cm now and bring your wildest fantasy to life.

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